Baby Steps: Small Victories!

Last Saturday, after a day of dancing hard at rehearsal, I braved the torrential freeways to Auburn for an afternoon and late-into-the-evening with SisterMeghanne and BabyDaniel. We watched a very sad movie, she taught me to make easy Chile Verde, and we just generally got some gooood SisterTime.

It’s good to be catching up on that.


Say hello, BabyD!

And guess what?

I changed TWO diapers! That makes, I think four total… ever.

I’m the youngest, you know? And though I did my share of babysitting for the neighborhood younguns, it was always for the three-and-up crew. This is all new territory, here.

Even better? What made me feel soooo accomplished, like I really pulled off something specatacular? BabyD was wailing away, tired, cranky, hiccupping and inconsolable… and I got him to stop crying! Bouncing, sing-songing his name, and blowing cool air on his sweaty, chubby little neck… it all worked! And it lulled him to sleep for the evening!

Man, that felt good. Like I did something very important that mattered very much… and for a grumpy little man for whom very little matters.

Tough crowd. As you see below… clearly the little victories are short-lived and must be enjoyed quickly and thoroughly!


Auntie Em, Baby D (the howling one), and Boppa Sergio. Oh, BabyD loooooves, his Auntie!


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