Bright lights when you need them most

Some days you know you need a little help in cheering up. Some days more than others.
Now, this is just my own little suggestion, so take it with a grain of whatever seasoning you like best, but it does seem as though–as long as you’re ready to be cheered up and are actively waiting and willing it to happen– the world just seems to cooperate.

There is a precious intersection in needing and finding joy, and it can be found…. the place where you most need a bright light and the place where you are really and truly opening wide your eyes for somethinganything to be glad about. And there they are! One or two, or even by the dozens, if you’re ready. Teensy, sometimes infinitesimal and very oddly shaped, but bright spots none the less.

And you realize they’ve been there all along, just peacefully carrying out their existence, waiting for you take notice and take some joy.

Even if it weren’t for the belatedly acknowledged blessing of my wonderful husband who loves and tolerates me in the mornings when I’m cranky and late and stressed and in a hurry, the morning and afternoon today have been full of little bright lights.

Observe: A friend who’s yesterday was worse than mine woke me up with a text message that “Today is going to be a great day… find something to ‘Yay!’ about.” The sun is freezing cold and beautiful today and the light on the Sound is so clear it almost hurts your eyes, but doesn’t, not quite.

KeikoLynnYellowBlueAs you see here, one of the fashion bloggers I follow, Keiko Lynn, had a great outfit in my favorite colors. It was accompanied by own, appropos musing that, “My life is far from perfect by any stretch. But gosh darn it, I am lucky in love. Family, friends and otherwise.” Amen.

Also: Today is Chili-Dog day, so there was a really nice cold walk and chat with WFSarah, where she revealed her plan to organize a company-wide food and clothing drive over the holidays. And now, post lunch, I’m ahead of scheduled deadlines, I have a great cup of hot raspberry chai (I forgot I stashed the mix on my shelf!),  and the company is taking off early to celebrate our latest software release.

Nothing to shout about. Nothing that will radically soothe my big-picture worries about life and the ways to generate, recognize, and perpetuate happiness in the hours at my disposal.

But my eyes are open today, and it all seems so bright. It seems like a good day today, if for no other reason than these little lights.

Thank you, world.


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