Gluten-Free Fryer Foods at Quality Burrito, Olympia!

I love bar food. I love late-night and happy-hour menus.
I love fries and all things fried.

Sadly, since I converted to a gluten-free diet, this love has mostly gone unrequited. All the best bar-side, late-night, bad-for-you foods are usually drenched in flour batter. I say mostly unrequited, because, yes, I have sometimes continued to order chicken strips or onion rings… and then I’ve proceeded to pick off all the fried stuff and try and enjoy it anyway…. it really doesn’t work out all that well.

Into that cravings void…. ta da! Quality Burrito in Olympia –or just QB, as it’s mostly known– fries all their bad-for-you stuff in rice flour!

Imagine my delight at nibbling my first (un-decimated) battered & fried chicken strips in over three years! And not just a typical frozen & fried basket: 4 thick and juicy chicken strips with a light and crunchy mm-mm-fried coating, served with my favorite side: sweet potato fries.

Like many jewels in the Olympia eatery crown, the restaurant itself seems like a required quest before the prize. Only the people who really want to be there –who know how good the food is– will undertake the journey. The featured local art on display is either awesome or scarily uncomfortable, the restrooms are understocked and of questionable privacy and cleanliness, and the QB wait-staff seems to have agreed in full to the strict Oly-service code of “yes, I’m slow and surly, do you want to eat or not?”

… but when you’ve waiting three years? What’s another 30 minutes for the best chicken strips you’ve ever had? Nothin.’

GF-Friendly rice flour fried calamariQB also offers calamari and tempura veggies, all rice floured, as well as the option to serve any of their crazy-delicious burritos fajita-style with corn tortillas instead of the flour tortilla wrap.

Quality Burrito

113 4th Ave W , Olympia, WA 98511
Bring cash (no credit cards accepted) and make sure you have time to wait… trust me, it really is worth it.

3 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Fryer Foods at Quality Burrito, Olympia!

  1. Yeah, their service quality has been in inverse proportion to their popularity. When they were scrappy and barely scraping by, the service was decent. Now, I just call in takeout and forget service there. There’s a couple of good staffers, but the chances are that you’ll get one who just doesn’t care.

  2. Ahhh… that’s the secret! Call the order in and sidestep surly staff altogether. Any tips for the Old School crew, who are always just too-too-tragically hip to acknowledge a “thank you!” with more than a “yep” as they’re already walking away? 🙂

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