Cupcakes for Breakfast

Dear Corina Cake Bakery: Thank you for your cozy, light-filled neighborhood locale and your sweet floury smells that fill my morning walk to work. Thank you for the genuinely warm greeting from behind the pastry-laden counter and for taking the time with each customer to explain ingredients and mention which goodies are fresh out of the oven.

Thank you for making a place full of sweet things that puts a smile on each face that comes through the door. I never mind the short wait in your busy hours… something about your frosting and brewing settles a patient, contented haze over the crowd. People are so polite when they are waiting to smile.

And most of all, thank you for your shifting array of amazingly “real-tasting” gluten-free baked goods. I’m a regular buyer of the quinoa cookies, and this morning, a German chocolate cupcake piled high with rich buttery coconut was better than breakfast. Heck it was breakfast!

I was going to take a pretty photo of the sweet little sugar-pink heart on top… but I ate it too quickly.

Love, Emilie


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