Theatre 100: The Show Must Go On

Having a seven-year-old onstage and in the dressing rooms is a great learning opportunity. For us, I mean.

Yep, the grown-up (or aspiring to be grown-up) cast of  A Stardust Homecoming is learning and re-learning some great practical lessons we may have forgotten as we “wised up.”

  • Be positive and tell people what you like about this project.
  • Be curious and ask a lot questions.
  • Don’t let anyone say bad things about others,
    and especially not about themselves.
  • If you’re bored, find something quiet to do.
  • Bring snacks and eat when you’re hungry.
  • Sing along.

And of course, yes, there are plentiful opportunities for us “seasoned actors” to offer our own expertise and grown-up wisdom.

This last weekend, in fact–with two cast-members taken waaaay down by food poisoning–it seemed an especially good opportunity to give our youngest cast member some solid advice about “Things we Learn in Theatre.”

  • You will forget your lines sometime and so will the other people on stage.
  • Someone you’re really counting on will get sick sometime,
    like no-really-I need-to-hold-this-trash-can sick.
  • You don’t always have understudies… hardly ever in fact. 
  • There will be a Plan B. It may emerge as you go, but it will be there.

And finally, The Most Important Thing to know about being on stage:

  • We will take care of each other. No one will leave you hanging.
    We are all in this together and we will take care of you.


"Wherever we go, whatever we do... we're gonna go through it together!"


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