Granny Lala’s Bakery: The Genuine (Gluten-Free) Article

Granny Lala’s GF treats taste home-baked… by a really good baker.

This is officially my lucky month. Lucky as in “Here, Emilie! I made muffins! Have a brownie! I found this store that sells gluten-free cookies, and I bought you some!”
Yep. December is definitely my lucky, fat-n’happy, gluten-free gorging on delicious baked surprises month.

For instance: Did you know there’s a wholesale gluten-free baking company right here in Tacoma? Well there is! And I—being the lucky gluten-free-girl this month—got to sample a whole array of treats I’ve been missing.

Granny Lala’s Gluten-Free Wholesale Bakery

Granny Lala’s is based out of South Tacoma and creates and distributes delicious little gluten-free bites to coffee-houses, restaurants, and grocery stores in Tacoma, Puyallup, and Olympia.* The facility and all equipment is dedicated gluten-free, and many products are also vegan and free of other allergens (soy, dairy, eggs, nuts, etc).

And, according to the website, Granny Lala (aka Laura Weihs) is indeed a granny.
Authenticity? Check.

Ready to hear about the baked goods? Lucky for you, I’m ready to tell you!

Emilie’s Opinion
My general comment is one word: Delicious. Oh wait, I said that already, didn’t I?

More specifically, Granny Lala’s treats taste like “real” baked goods. They taste home-baked, by a really good baker. That means they don’t have that overly organic flavor often encountered in GF baking or the obvious overcompensation of fats and sugars to mask the fact that it’s GF.
(Now, to be fair, I had no nutritional information, but it didn’t taste like a whole stick of butter in one cookie… and yes, some GF products do taste like that.)

Like I said, I was lucky enough to try out several different kinds of treats–carrot cake, chocolate brownie bite, mini-muffins of all stripes, and macaroons–I’d happily vouch for them all.

My hands-down favorites of the bunch were the lemon blueberry mini-muffins.
Moist and fresh, not at all too sweet, with a little crunchy sprinkle of sugar granules. These made me think of little lemon birthday cakes in summer time… a nice image for a cold and blustery winter day!

Next in line, the coconut macaroons—my favorite cookie in the world. In both the chocolate and pineapple varieties, these are the kind of macaroons that stand an inch tall in your palm. Compact, dense, sweet, crunchy on the outside… perfect.

I was feeling generous, and so I asked some “norms” (non-GF eaters) to taste several of my goodies. While consistency was consistently mentioned (it always is with GF baking, especially if you’re not used to it), that didn’t stop them from devouring their samples.

“Oh man, that’s good,” said the husband of the afore-mentioned chocolate macaroon. He wants me to tell you though, that his absolute favorite was the carrot cake.

WorkFriendSarah agreed, emphatically: “All I need is some cream cheese.”

“Mrph..mrph… well, I *gulp* definitely wouldn’t turn it down,” said cast-mate Paul while he ate a pumpkin mini-muffin in one bite.

In fact, my only criticism  is for the pumpkin bread & pumpkin mini-muffins, which were not quite as savory-spicy as I like. They were also just a touch on the dry side… this seems to be a common problem for pumpkin breads from other GF retail bakeries.

Other than that very minor complaint, Granny Lala’s baked goods were just so… good.
And best of all, they tasted like they should. The carrot cake tasted like carrots. The lemon poppyseed muffins like lemons, and the chocolate like… well, you get the idea. The point is, I didn’t feel like I was sacrificing a thing.

Last Words
In addition to the quality of the product, I especially liked the diminutive size of the treats I sampled. I don’t need a cookie the size of my head or  muffin like a baseball. Part of being gluten-free (by choice or necessity) is leading a healthy life-style, where a treat is a treat… not a meal.

And that’s part of it. So often, GF baking tastes like it’s trying too hard to be something it’s not. Granny Lala’s—like I think the granny behind it must be— is the real thing.


*If you can’t find Granny Lala’s treats, look here for a list of retailers, or print out their handy (and witty) “If you had it, I’d have bought it!” product request card!


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  1. Extremely interesting post thanks for writing it I have added your site to my bookmarks and will check back 🙂 By the way this is a little off subject but I really like your web page layout.

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