“It’s the Hap-Happiest Season of All”

And the busiest! As you may have inferred from the last couple of posts, yes, I have indeed been struck down. BUT. If you think I’m letting the winter sickies spoil all the fun and merriment to be had this holiday season… well, you’re only half right.

What with the Christmas show, the husband and I were just sort of assuming we’d have no time whatsoever for the parties and get-togethers. But hap-happily, we’ve managed to squeeze some in, between and around the sick days…

Last weekend, we had a bunch of the Tacoma gang over for brunch.

French toast, sausage and bacon, eggs, fruit, mimosas, berry smoothies, and of course the coffee. We got to haul out all kinds of serving dishes!

Then Sunday after the show, Kanarie opened up her tiny cottage for a holiday party and carol sing. (And I mean tiny: She even has an old article from a 1930-something paper, where they profile her little place as “the smallest complete house in Tacoma.”) Somehow we comfortably managed about a dozen people at once, plus food for twice as many.

Can you believe I didn’t take single photo? Shoot.

Well, as Mom said, that means I was too busy living to sit back and observe, and it’s probably a good thing.

Monday, Mom and Dad came over for dinner.

I think the husband and I have decided the key to keeping our little place clean is to keep inviting people over!

Now, in the holiday spirit of full disclosure, I did put Mom and Dad to work assembling our very festive 3-foot tree and stringing up lights around the living room window.

But not until after the husband and I served  pot roast and garlic mashed potatoes, with a dessert of fresh applesauce and my cranberry-ginger trifle that went uneaten from Kanarie’s shindig.

Do you notice this post is all about food? That’s ok. It was all very tasty.

So now the little apartment is all ready for Christmas. “Wow, just like that,” said the husband.

And this year, I have promised not to leave it all up until April.


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