Unexpected Press: The Husband and Me

How funny! When I came into work this morning after the long holiday weekend, WorkFriendJon greeted me with, “Hey, did you know you’re famous? And so is your husband.”

Turns out there is a nice little blurb about the Christmas show on Exit133, featuring the husband and me as a “South Sound Theatre Couple.” Well, sir, guilty as charged.

It’s funny, because the author talks about the way theatre creates close bonds with other actors and crew– as he says, these folks often become your surrogate family for the duration of the project. That’s certainly been true this holiday… We’ve just pulled through the longest two weeks of the run, in which I’ve seen my cast members nearly every day.

And, like any family–and like any/every temporary theatre family–we’ve learned the shorthand to living “our life together,” on- and off-stage. We have our rituals for good morning and “get some sleep tonight,” we know how to make each other laugh till we’re in a ball on the dressing room floor (or is that just me?), when to leave each other some space, how to press each other’s buttons but good, how to smooth the ruffled feathers or just let them be ruffled till they’re ready to settle.

Within the confines of show times and dressing rooms, yes, we are a kind of family, with all the ground that covers. Good thing they’re all nice people!

…and an especially good thing that my wonderful husband and I got to spend our real lives together this holiday season, partners in crime in this bizarre activity called “acting.” Thank you, sweetheart.


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