A Quiet Mid-Week Night on the Town

Sometimes you just need a date night. Sometimes your intended or confirmed or otherwise beloved partner is not that date.
And you know– sometimes that’s perfectly fine.

Which is why Kanarie and I took on the mid-week Tacoma nightlife for a thoroughly satisfying girl’s night out.

The husband is in the throes of a winter-cold-touch-of-flu thing, and has been house-bound for the last three days. Don’t worry, I didn’t totally abandon him! After work, I replenished his Theraflu supply, started some soup heating on the stove, and left him in his robe in the good company of Cybil and the little red Netflix envelopes.

Kanarie and I started with an early evening showing of The Young Victoria in the brand-spanking-new fourth theatre at The Grand Cinema. The theatre was unusually busy for a Wednesday night and ended up in the third row… good thing those cushy new seats have a healthy recline!

Emily Blunt & Rupert Friend in The Young Victoria

What a nice love story. There are a lot of other things to say about The Young Victoria– it’s beautiful to look at, the actors are earnest and lively, and you learn a little about the difficult task the young queen had to balance propriety, will, ancient policies, and modern politics. I had a decent chocolate analogy after, which I mostly forget now… something about being prettily packaged, not too demanding, but just what you want. Anyhow. Yes, there are other things to say, but mainly, it’s a very nice love story. And that is more than enough.

After the show we slipped into Merende for a glass of wine. It turns out there is no weekday happy hour, since they close at nine. But, we learned there is that rare weekend happy hour, with a delicious looking menu, all at $5. We’ll be back for that, I think. In any case, the house red was a nice fruity Malbec, and my server went out of his way to scrounge up some soup from the lunch menu for me… salmon in a creamed potato. Sooo good.

Add a good talk with a good friend at a tall table in the warm glow of lamp on brick wall, and there you have it… satisfying. There are other things to say, but I think that’s more than enough.


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