Changing Blog Locations!

UPDATE: Until further notice, just keep it here! 
I'm still figuring out the new place. 
Boo. Sigh. Ah well. Just keep writing, right? Right.

Exciting news, everyone! I am now the mistress of my own domain! MwahHAHAhahahahahah!

Er… that is to say: Guess What? I am now a blog owner!
Yup, is now a claimed piece of Internet real estate, and I have the keys.

So now, I’m in the in the process of changing my blog over. The whole point is to give me a little more wiggle room to make it exactly the way I want it, with a few more widgets and choices for font styles, etc.

So, instead of coming here, you should come visit my new place at:

I’m getting some help and hosting from my pal, WorkFriendRobert, and a lot of it is turning into a DIY project. I am getting a bit of a crash course in CSS and it’s actually really fun! Learning all kinds of new stuff.

That said: There will certainly be some moving dust as I go*, and I’ll keep this little pied-a-terre going till I’m all settled in. I’ll be sure and let you know when the move is all complete!

Make sure to edit your favorites and come see the new digs soon!


* Moving dust? I am this close
to figuring out how to fix the code for the header...
in the meantime... well, it's a little wonky. Sorry!

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