Vegas Baby, Vegas!

NOTE: Older post, lost in the shuffle.... re-posted here.

*First off, I promise to only say that… maybe once more. But still….

I’m going to Las Vegas in 2 weeks!
To see Bette Midler!

The Divine Miss M has been on my life-list to see in concert for… oh, more than half of my admittedly brief life. I’ve wanted to see her perform live since I saw her in Beaches at 9 or 10.

And now I get to! To see her penultimate performance on January 30th!

For a combined Christmas, Birthday, and Because-it’s-Bette Midler-and-fergawdsakes-she’s-retiring-at-the-end-of-this-month, the husband and I decided to just make it work. The original plan was to get a whole gaggle of girls and go.. but, timelines being rather short, expenses being what they are, and my planning skills being what they are… well, it looks like it will be just AMA and me. And I can’t wait.

AMA and I have now known each other for 10 years. Since we first started hanging out together in our mis-assigned freshman dorm rooms, our lives have run in a startlingly parallel path. I won’t bore you with the details, except to say that we have kept each other sane, honest, ambitious, inspired, and dance-yer-face-off-silly, as the appropriate (or completely inappropriate) instances arose.

And although this parallel path has so far prohibited us from any real true grand adventures—study-abroad in different countries, jobs in different cities—we’ve always suspected the other just may be a perfect traveling companion.

Let’s just see, shall we?


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