Year of Gratitude # 5

It’s funny… At this point, I’ve been writing my YOGs in the ayem, so it’s turning out to be a bit of a chronological mix… what I was grateful for yesterday and so far today. I think that’s ok, yeah? No hard and fast rules here… just gratitude.

Today I [am writing about being] grateful for:

1) Being a youngest daughter/sibling.
I love my sisters and brother and my parents and I really wish I saw more of them. I’m working on it. Last night I managed to talk to a large percentage of them via Facebook, email, phone calls, and texting. I love that the more I get to know my siblings s an adult, the more they feel like family… and the more I find I am not alone in this apparently inherited geek-streak. You know what I mean.

2) Pretty pretty fabrics.
Crochet lace, pleated silk, shiny brocade, nubby wools….. mmmmmmm. Cleaning my closet can be so soooothing.

3) Long underwear.
Dear inventors of thermal waffle knits: I know you were inspired by the frozen, exhausted limbs of miners and skiiers and such… but each day that I spend immobile, faced by a blinking screen a frigid blast, I love you and your life-giving creation more and more.


2 thoughts on “Year of Gratitude # 5

  1. How is this YOG #5? maybe my feed is messed up. I can’t find any others. I don’t say it enough because I do all my blog reading on my phone and commenting is dificult, but I love your blog and you are a really great writer!

    • Oh, this is the continuing sad story of my attempt to move my blog. The others are in limbo for a few hours, hopefully to be returned this evening?

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