Year of Gratitude # 6

Ooohhhh Saturday. Thank you.

Today I am thankful for:

1) Spontaneous, wonderfully low-key date night.
When the husband picked me up after a loooong week at work, we had the same bright idea. Date night? Why not? Nothing schmancy… just burgers, beer/cider, and Scrabble at the Parkway followed by a flick at home. But the thing is, when you call it a date night, it’s already more intentional and much more fun, just by default! Even if he did win by two measley points.

2) Great storytelling in unique structure.
Thanks again, Netflix, for “suggesting” a fantastic film I’d never even heard of. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford came out just a couple of years ago, and I can’t recall a single preview. (That’s not saying much, since I am so out of the movie scene, but still).

It plays like folkloric legend almost–fitting for the death of a legendary criminal. And the way they tell it is this fascinating mix of techniques. Parts seem straightforward educational, like a History Channel re-enactment (with the best actors– what a cast list!) but then the voice-over narration slips into these wonderfully eloquent passages that tell you right away this is based on a novel.

The James Gang

Anyways, it’s a great movie, really… Brad Pitt once again affirms he is, as the husband said “a real movie star” and he’s so well-flanked by great performances. Sam Rockwell, Casey Affleck, Paul Schneider… they’re all so earnest and believably, failingly human.

Hmmm. .. maybe I’ll watch it again before it goes back in it’s little red envelope.

3) Morning Dance-offs!
These are a held-over ritual from singleton days… no one to worry about waking while you jumps around half-dressed to whatever song happens to blare you out of bed in the ayem. The rituals are fewer and farther between now that I worry about waking someone else up (besides the upstairs neighbors… who didn’t really count anyhow).

But Saturdays? Saturdays, the morning dance-off is pushed out to …er… 11:30? 11:45? …Or so. And it can even be a communal affair…. the more ridiculous the better. Yay! Thanks husband!


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