Hello, we live in the future.

This weekend the husband and I made major strides into the world of high-tech personal communications. That is: New phones, all around!

I got mine for almost free, since it was time for a 2-year upgrade. It’s my third red phone and I’ve been assured it won’t take pictures or record audio in the butt-pocket of my jeans. Annnnnd it’s got a full qwerty keyboard. Full sentences. Oh yeah.

See, this is all HUGE news for a LoTechGal like m’self.* Seriously… the ability to text is huge, in and of itself. I didn’t even text at all until about 4 months ago. (Gasps all around, I know…) That’s when I realized I was missing out on invites and semi-important news from my more savvy and quick-fingered frends all the time. The problem between then and now was this: Trying to make complete sentences in under 3 minutes per text… longer than that and you might as well call, and then what’s the point? And I just don’t speak OMG. At least not fluently, well, or willingly.

Anyhow, other than making and receiving calls, and –now, texting– I don’t want my phone to do anything else. Seriously, I sit at a computer alllll day. I have a camera. I listen to the radio. With this phone and the last, I told the sales guy: Show me the absolutely most BASIC, no-frills phone you have. Ok, I want the next step above that—that won’t break when I drop it. Cause I will.

So I’m all set.

Now the husband, on the other hand….

Well. First off, I’m pleased to say his schmancy new Droid is not an impulse buy, by any stretch. Being the logical, research-it-to-death list-maker of the family, he’s been comparing the various virtues of smartphones for about a year now. And for him, a smartphone makes sense. He’s on the road a lot. He drives for shows, often in unfamiliar areas where an on-demand map would be handy. He’s away from his computer all the time and needs to get to his email for work and audition notices on a regular basis. So that’ sall worth it.

I can’t tell you why he went with the Droid. There are, I’m sure, many many reasons, and I’m sure he told me many times over, but… well…. LoTechMe just doesn’t take notes on this stuff. In any case, he is absolutely thrilled so far.

And to be honest? I’m a little jealous! A map? Facebook and blog access all the time? Listen to Pandora while I write email? Plus the lil’ phone camera is better than the one we have! Ooooh. If I don’t end up with a netbook before then…. well, maybe in two years I’ll start thinking about it. Right after the flying car.

*To clarify: I say LoTechMe, not NO-TechMe. Sure, I blog, I surf the Internets. I drool about netbooks.

But I really only know enough about technology to:

1) Discover cool new stuff and imagine it in my life
2) Use it as a means to do stuff I’d do anyways
(See: writing, drooling over clothes and shoes, reading other writers)
3) Break stuff


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