Year of Gratitude #7 & #8

Ooof… now I see what a weekend can do to the closest thing I’ve come to a daily resolution in a long time!

Ok… catching up:

Today (and yesterday) I am grateful for:

1) Sleep.
Oh Sleep, I miss you. I’m sorry you’ve felt undervalued lately (and intermittently for the last, oh 18 years). I really do appreciate you.
Really… I’m grateful already! Will you please come home?

2) Hitting the crazy wall.
It happens for a reason, and is a damn good reminder to do all manner of things before your head explodes in tears, shrill proclamations, and the occasional expletive string.

3) Bloglovin.
Seriously, my favorite new thing on the Internets this year. Makes my increasing addiction to blogs much more efficient. Instead of obsessively checking any 4 or 5 of a dozen blogs I love every day, I just log in and check the one for a nice, organized list of what’s new.

4) Time for DIY projects.
Having been busy-on-the-g0 since November, it’s soo nice to have time in the evenings. The husband himself is blessed with evening rehearsals for another show, so I have lots of time to myself in the evenings.

Lace! Papers! Old jewelry! Lace doilies, bleach, embroidery, beads,  and thrift store tees! (More on that coming soon). Oh, and baking.

5) Delicious breakfast muffins that actually aren’t too bad for you.
Thanks to a mention from ZestyJenny, I’m a huge convert to Swistle’s Favorite Muffins, whenever I have the time. This much dry, this much wet, and some other stuff. (Of course, I make mine with GF bread flour, and I also half the sugar and butter, going for applesauce with some oil instead).

Anyways, it’s a nice, easy, mutable recipe. This is big for someone like me who is learning to cook. The husband loves when I put chocolate chips in them. Oh! And it’s great for leftovers…  for instance, tonight I tossed pumpkin, homemade applesauce, a black and battered frozen banana, and some ginger puree with the last lonely walnuts and raisins in the pantry. The kitchen smells awesome.

Not tonight's batch... these are pumpkin & chocolate chip!

6) Having enough.
Today we did a Stock-Up Grocery Run and a big Monthly Bill Pay Day. Ooof. Student loan, car, internet, doctor’s office, utilities, phones, credit cards a, b,and c.

My dad used to spend every Saturday morning pounding stamps onto envelopes… three fist stamps for each. For me, it’s all about the rhythmic, impatient online clicks, with the monthly “but that IS my password!”

Anyhow. Lots of funds today going out into all different places. And it strikes me how thankful I am to be paying these bills. I have a car, an apartment, and credit cards.  I can pick up shampoo and meat and fresh produce. I went to college… and even if I’ll be paying for it for the rest of my life, well… so far I’m pretty sure it was all worth it.

Bonus thing to be grateful for: Unexpected cash from our last band gig just about covers one giant Grocery Stock Up day. Rock on.


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