Year of Gratitude #10

The sun is out for the first time in over a week. I am gainfully employed with a not unreasonably busy day on my hands. I got a shower this morning and pulled on one of my favorite sweaters I thought I lost. I have had two nice emails from friends and a sweet little just-cuz text from the husband.

AND just took a walk and met the husband for lunch. What more could I possibly want for in life this afternoon?

…. and still… ugh.

Some sort of lingering, light-filtering malaise just keeps fading all those nice bright spots to a greyer shade. Most likely something to do with the sleep deficiency I just can’t seem to come back from.

Like I said, I don’t imagine enforced gratitude will always be immediately easy… but here we go.

Today I am grateful for:

1) Advil.

2) The husband’s unconventional schedule.
Sure, I won’t see him till after he gets home from rehearsal much later tonight, but I love that he can get up with me in the morning, and –like today– just zip down the hill for a quick lunch at his weary-wife’s behest.

3) The first relatively, compareitively, passingly “sunny” day in too long. Oh, there you are. Thanks for making it back.


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