Naked Blog… again.

Just a little note… I realize once more that this poor little kicked-around blog has been mostly devoid of imagery, other than what I can scrounge up off the Internets.  Sorry about that.

I believe the techno-verse is conspiring against me again… in addition to blog issues, the husband and I are having computer issues at home, and therefore, no good way to get pics off the camera. (And, since the recent purchase of his new compu-phone, what the heck does the husband need a computer for? pff. I’m just saying the urgency has cooled, if you will.)

Not that our lives are so fabulously fascinating that I need photos… but… well… you know.

Anyhow. I hope to remedy the situation soon. Thanks!


P.S: From the previously unpublished archives (can you guess why?)

Awesome karaoke at Ryan's "Star Wars 30th"... I believe this is our group rendition of the ever-popular Summer Lovin.'


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