Writing :: Breathing

Just thinking “out loud” here…

I just looked at the little Calendar widget on the left there, and was quite pleased to see so many underlined days in the month of January– that means I’ve been writing often, nearly every day, in fact. YOG has been wonderful for that so far.

You may recall daily writing as one of the major goals of starting this blog in the first place.

I still believe that writing somethinganything every day will make me a better writer. But, like any discipline–singing, for example–I’m fairly certain you have to make sure you’re not just going through the motions with no end-goal or standards.

Now, don’t me wrong: I absolutely believe in and crave the joy that comes with uninhibited free-writing–or singing in the shower. But if I don’t make a regular, concerted effort to apply the intelligent, good-for-me techniques I’ve spent years studying and learning, I’ll just allow myself to develop bad habits that will damage my work in the long run.

I feel an analogy coming on. Ready?

Basic self-editing
—for structure, word-choice, punctuation, etc.—
is a lot like breath support.
If you don’t use it
you’ll run out of steam too quickly
and no one will ever hear the full extent of your voice.


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