Year of Gratitude #12, #13, #14

Oooooh, Lordy, am I behind! But. In my defense, I have just returned from an out-of-town weekend, where access to the Internets was blissfully restricted and delightfully inconvenient.

I made sure to bring a notebook to keep up on my Year of Gratitude while I was gone. However, perhaps I should warn you that I wrote YOGs for Friday and Saturday last night… somewhere between my third glass of wine and a pajama dance party. I’m trying not to edit them too much… give you a better flavor of where I was coming from at that minute. The initial impression of gratitude.

Friday, I was thankful for:

1) Work that keeps me busy.
Even if the only time I get up from my desk in a 10-hour day is to visit the ladies. Every now and again, it feels good to be so busy. It makes you feel needed and capable.

2) The husband’s sense of humor.
It’s a lot like mine. And so completely un.

3) The many voices of animals, as perceived by “hoomins.”
Similar to #2. The husband has a great party trick: The ability to analyze an animal’s personality and put it in a custom voice. I know, I know, it sounds silly. It is! And people love it, including me.
“You need to meet __(pet name here)__ and find a voice!” is a surprisingly common request from friends.

Our own Cybil-cat, for instance, is a high-strung, bitchy Jersey girl. Our friend’s noodly cat is a laid-back surfer. The socially awkward doberman we met this weekend is a nervous nebbish who doesn’t actually talk but communicates in a series of freak outs: “ahhh! nnnyagh! no! ooooghh!”

Saturday, I was grateful for:

1) Untouched snow.
What is it that’s so appealing, so inspiring to writers, photographers, painters? People looking to capture moments? Something about the blank canvas, I think. Somewhere to make a mark. Even if someone else made their own mark in the same place,  time and the world have changed it, and you have a whole new chance. Something so reviving about that.

2) The Comeback.
Some people need a second chance. I’m glad when they get what they need.

3) Food fights.
A well-timed food fight is sometimes more than you didn’t know you needed.

And finally, today–Sunday–I am grateful for:

Family time! My nephew, BabyD, GodmotherCarol, and Mom.

1) Godparents.
Mine, in specific, but the whole idea of godparents in general. Today was the yearly visit with one of two sets of godparents granted to SisterMeghanne and me  (we also had a set of faery godparents). Yes, we only see them once a year… but it’s always a really wonderful visit. My godparents have given me an education on what is beautiful and worthwhile in the world… and I love seeing my mom with her good friend.

2) Bottled water.
After a loong day of snowshoeing—followed by generous portions of wine last night—and too much coffee today to keep me awake after not nearl enough sleep, and 2 hours of singing at band rehearsal … well, shoot.  Water in a conveniently portable, potable form seems like one of God’s gifts.

3) Full-size spare tires.
Whoever made these standard in newer cars made a rainy dark night a little better for the husband tonight. Which he needed.


2 thoughts on “Year of Gratitude #12, #13, #14

  1. Actually, it’s a ‘compact’ spare tire, but it was changeable for the flat, full size tire with -relative- ease. I was able to do it in about forty minutes from ‘here’s a good place to stop,’ to ‘okay, I’m back on the road again. . . I wish Redmond wasn’t so dang far away.’

    • *ahemahemememm* Everyone? Just a moment of your time, please? Thank you.

      I’d like to take a quick moment to commemorate a milestone in my brief blogging thus far.

      Yes, yes… after months of over-the-shoulder reading, wonderfully encouraging reminders to write, and sending cute little in-jokes to my office email, I give you: The first “official” comment from the husband. 🙂

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