Fantastic idea for anyone interested….

Winter birthday? Snowshoeing weekend!

10 days my senior, fellow Aquarian Miss A organized a quiet weekend in the Washington mountains for 13. Yes, 13. And alright, I guess it wasn’t all that quiet… wine, guitars, wine, a bunch of actors, artists, wine, and musicians… the Tacoma Crew can be an excitable bunch!

The husband and I were so excited to be there– It was my first time snowshoeing! On top of that, work and show schedules mean we’re always missing out on fun group hikes/trips/weekends. But this time it worked! We were able to borrow almost all the snow gear on short notice, and the whole thing was just soooo relaxing and fun.

Although we stayed in Ronald, WA, we ended up heading for the trails at Snoqualmie Pass.

Most of the trail was fairly packed down from lots of use that day… not a bad thing for so many novices, and especially a large, group. But we did do a bit of “off-roading,” avoiding switchbacks by climbing up (and sliding down) some hills. I think we did about a 5 mile round-trip.

Balancing on snowshoes can sometimes be a little more difficult than it looks… I fell flat on my back 10 feet from the trail head! Here, AMA the one of the snowshoe experts with the group, threatening to push me over. It’s mostly working.

Lunch break, overlooking the valley. T (center) always ha the best “Mommy Bag” with all the best treats, gear, and “just-in-case” items.

We did hear it was bigfoot season…

…but I think we scared them off. Must be my old-school-spirit.
(I love this hat. I think it’s in every snow picture from high school on. My dad bought it for me when I was 8 or 9, at a home-team football game. Go Auburn Trojans!)

After lunch, we left the trail a touch and found this beautiful, untouched snowfield. Of course we stopped to frolic.
For the husband and Mitch, “frolic” meant picking snowball battles. Look at that follow-through!

Thanks for a great weekend, everyone!


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