Year of Gratitude # 17

Today I am grateful for:

1) Crazy girlfriends!
At the *very* last minute (day-before, people!) A&T decided to make Vegas work! They bought tickets today, and they’re coming along tomorrow! Bette’s Saturday show is sold out at this point (except the ridiculously expensive seats) so they’ll go do something else for a couple hours, then we’ll all meet up after for the rest of the night. Sooo excited!

2) Helpful, articulate relatives.
Mom, the husband, and CousinJon are all tops on this list today. They are keeping me focused and motivated, and are just brimming full of good ideas. For my part, I need to remember to stay open and recognize good advice. That’s why I asked them, after all.

3) That extra five minutes.
Something about that neat little time-frame. Just the right length for all kinds of important things: A quick brainstorm for a project. Daydreaming out the window. Running to the ladies’ before a long meeting. Once around the block. Listening to a recommended song. Writing 4 one-liner emails. Eating an apple. Refreshing coffee. And, of course, writing a YOG blog. (Ok, that took 7 minutes. Close enough.)


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