Year of Gratitude #18

This is the WorkPlace version, for all the Office Cogs out there.

Today I am grateful for:

1) Morning Routine.
Sounds crazy, but I love the consistent start to each day in the WorkPlace. Computer on, “good mornings with TheBossLady, emails and post-its for daily tasks, and the first cuppa joe.

This morning–like most mornings in my routine–I couldn’t help singing to myself as I washed my cup from yesterday, looking down over the busy street winding up the hill. It’s a small, peaceful moment. No one hears you over the water running.

“Coffee time. Yeah! Cof-fee time. Cof- cof- coffee time, very best time of day.” (Thanks Charles Schulz!)

2) Trading playlists.
One of the engineers came up with this last week. “I made the Comms team a playlist,” he said. “Maybe you can make us one?” Sweet. New music and a chance to share some of my favorite quirky stuff!

3) Health Insurance.
Hooray! I get sick a lot. Insurance is a very helpful thing.


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