@ Emilie says C U in Vegas!

Hey everyone! I just got back from my Ladies Weekend in Las Vegas!

Of course I had no time for blogging, but I realized I did end up with a bit of a handy record of the most of the weekend… text messages! Lots to the husband (aren’t I a good wife?), and several between the girls as we arrived and coordinated meetings over the weekend.

So, if you’ll just go with me on this one, we’re going to try a new narrative style here. And yes, please forgive all the exclamation points and “Yays!” … I was very excited.

Here we go!


12:24 pm
The Husband: It’s Vegas time, baby!
To AMA: On my way to Seatac, see you at the gate (flight is at 3:30!)
A: Waiting for my flight. So excited! might pee my pants.
T: Airport beer and a shot while I read my magazine. I love traveling! Especially to Vegas!

Mmmm wine on the plane for us! AMA says get ready as you can on the plane–we’re going out as soon as you hit ground.

8:09 PM
To The Husband: We’re here! On the shuttle to the strip now–will call when we get there!

9:01 pm
To The Husband: gah! [The Venetian/Orbitz] lost our reservation!
To A & T: nooooooo! They can’t find the reservation! Don’t worry, lovelies, we’ll get it straightened out!

The Husband: Did they find it yet? Are they working to help you out?
No. They called Orbitz, who’ll then fax the conf #. We’re s’posed to check back in in 20 minutes. Eating a $12 salad in the food court now while we lug our bags around and wait. Boo.
The Husband: A plague on both their houses!
Damn Venetians. And Orbitzes. Pox them all!
The Husband: 3:10 to Yuma is really good, though.

10:06 pm
To The Husband: We made it! Gorgeous room!
The Husband: Congratulations and happy birthday! Take lots of pictures.

[Slightly naughty picture sent here…PG-13, please. I’m no fool.]

10:45 pm
To The Husband: Getting ready to go out–just waiting for T while we primp and preen. Got free passes into swanky club for tonight!
The Husband: Have fun with the girls. I love you!

11:51 pm
To The Husband: We’re finally on the way out! Phantom of the Opera music is EVERYwhere!
The Husband: Is asleep! Call him in the morning. He loves you very much, you know.
(“Brrrrrrow! Bastids.”–CybilCat on Droid)

Just around midnight…
Getting all the ladies in one place… eventually. The concierge at the hotel hooked us up with four free passes into Tao, “The Religious Nightclub Experience.” I guess “religious” here means a giant Buddha statue and lots of near-naked girls dancing everywhere. Even in tubs of water filled with rose petals.

Great music though, and several levels, with all these private tables everywhere. AMA is my dancin’ fool friend, and we found a great spot to avoid the crush of the main floor and survey almost the entire club.

To T: Text me when you get here–we’re at the club.
T: They won’t give me the key!
Why not?
T: My name isn’t on the reservation
Go to the food court around the corner. We’ll get you the key in a few.
T: Where the heck are u?

[uh…. we were dancing. We may have lost track of time. We did get her the key though.]

A: I’m at the airport!
Call T when you get here–don’t go to the desk! In club, can’t hear!

1:38 am
T: We’re here! How do we find you? This place is huge!
Yay! We’ll meet you at the top of the stairs.

More dancing here. Hours of dancing, really. We got a bit separated a couple of times, but conscientious ladies always keep track of the pack–I made sure I could see everyone all of the time. A&T left a bit “earlier” while AMA and I kept shakin’ it for a few more.

4:17 am
A: Where are u?
We are trying to get the key back. only 1 person at desk. Booo. Also, Tired, potentially strung out young man trying to chat. Hm.

4:28 am
To T&A: Success! We have keys and are in the room… Where are you two?

They had joined a bachelor party on their way out of the club. Were telling the nice men how great it is to be married. Were appreciated for their “mystery.” And for their shapely posteriors. Just sayin’.

All 4 in the suite by 4:50. Lights out: 6 am.


12:59 pm
From The Husband: Good morning! I hope the four of you are rested and still enjoying Vegas, and not still asleep and hung over.

We were awake and starving and cruising around for breakfast. Had mimosas and omelets at the Flamingo, then headed over to Caesar’s to do some window shopping.

2:50 pm
To T&A: We found the coolest part. Fountains, faux sky, and big designer stores. Come meet us!

Shopping, walking, some pictures, and another “getting ready” blitz. Four girls, one bathroom, lots of sparkles and satin. Had to look my best for Bette!

6:40 pm
To The Husband: Apps in a French resto before Bette!

Pinot Brasserie at the Venetian. Small, but delicious appetizers.
Also, no surprise, but saving a few bucks on wine doesn’t get you very far in this town. We had a cab/sauv mix by Harlot. I thought it was fate (Bette’s back up girls are “The Staggering Harlettes.”) But it turned out to be the WORST wine ever. Ah well. The charcuterie and cheese plates were wonderful.

7:30 pm
To Kanarie: We’re here! eeeeeeee! show’s about to start!

9:48 pm
To T&A: On our way back to the hotel. BETTE IS AMAZING!

That night: Another costume change for me that could accommodate flat boots. (oooh, beautiful high-heeled shoes, why do you hate me?) Then, after a small bit of bullying by purple-coated security guards, straight to the front of the 2-hour wait line at XS at the Wynn hotel.  (It pays to talk to club promoters!)

“Number 1 club in America!” says the Taxi driver.
“Oh, yah, it’s definitely worth the wait, no lie. It’s a sick club” says a Rock & Republic retail guy.
Good thing we didn’t have to wait! Vegas with 4 girls is awesome.

And yes, again, HOURS of dancing. We did take one 20-minute break, somewhere between 11:30 pm and 4:30 am. The music was still jumping then, but we had to go so T could pack for a 6am shuttle to the airport. I stayed up to see her off, then slept for 25 minutes before up to shower, pack, and head home with AMA on a 9:15 flight. Ooof.


8:59 am
To The Husband: I’m coming home to you husband! On the plane waiting for take-off. I’ll see you right about 12 pm. I love you!

10:20 pm
To T, A, & AMA: Ladies, you’re all so wonderful! Thank you!
I hope you all get home safe and GET SOME SLEEP tonight!
xoxox, em


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