“Borrowed” Inspiration & Mermaids in the Mail!

If you’ve spoken with me in person lately, you may know that I’ve recently become interested in (obsessed with) reading a few (a dozen or so) blogs on a regular (daily) basis. (Bloglovin’ is awesome.)

About half of these are friends of mine in real life; some are in far away, magical lands, and others about 6 blocks down the road. The other half are total strangers who write about fashion and style and/or about writing (novels, poetry, technical writing, all sorts really).

Some other time I’ll talk more about the delightful weirdness of style blogging. Please understand that “Weirdness” here means “interesting and inspiring, if hard to explain to others.”

Anyhow, I promised you mermaids! Here’s how we’ll get to them…

One of my daily reads, lowbrowjadey, posted on her blog (Low Brow Style) about buying a fun, custom necklace from an Etsy shop.

I’ve always loved vintage tattoo styles, but had never though of them for jewelry–genius! I also like lowbrowjadey’s idea of putting the name on the banner. So I took myself over to Orangey Red Ink’s Etsy store to see what else she designed for this type of necklace.

Lots of fun stuff!  Her “off the shelf” collection is so bright and spot-on for the style… swallows, nautical stars, sugar skulls, anchors, and hearts. I loved the look of all her “Sailor Jerry” style pin-up girls… there was even a “pin-up mermaid.”

Well. After a few emails back and forth, I have just purchased my finished custom necklace! It was my first Etsy purchase, and Erin—the artist on the other end—was so fun and personable to work with. I’ll definitely be back for another… SisterMeghanne would love one of these.

I originally asked for a winged mermaid and a banner that reads “one foot on shore.”
We talked about what kind of wings (I wanted bird, not butterfly), what color scheme, etc…

Here’s her initial drawing.

Finally we settled on a “realistic” color scheme and a more vintage looking, pin-up hair style.

Annnnnd here’s the mermaid who’ll be arriving in the mail in 3-5 business days!

Isn’t it fantastic? She’s so cheeky. And look at her fins-for-hands! She’s all hand drawn and colored, and sealed for durability. As a bonus, Erin’s prices are so reasonable for a totally unique piece of jewelry I know I’m going to love.

A side note: You may think it seems weird to get a blog name on my jewelry. I agree. But, as I’m sure is the case with lowbrowjadey, this blog just happens to be named after another piece of inspiration…. A phrase—an image really, or an overarching idea of how I want to be in the world—that strikes me everyday. (It’s also a “borrowed” sentiment from Shakespeare, even if I don’t choose to use it the same way he does.)

Thanks, lowbrowjadey, for the inspiration, and a big thanks to Erin for your art—I can’t wait to wear it!


3 thoughts on ““Borrowed” Inspiration & Mermaids in the Mail!

  1. That is beautiful! So glad I could help with some inspiration! I forgot to post my sketch, but I will next time I wear it.

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