Year of Gratitude #20

I think it may be no accident that friends inspired me to make this a Year of Gratitude. How lucky that I committed to be grateful for the multitude of life’s good things mere weeks before a big, life-shaking event like being laid off from my job.

To be clear, I’m not saying I won’t still be pin-balling between freak-out, laziness, stressball, breathtaking freedom, dogged determination, and covers over my head as I figure out what happens next. But at many points between and through all those things, I’ll keep coming back to really appreciating the good things I’ve been given, every single day.

And today, I am grateful for:

1) Friends with unconventional schedules.
The husband and I had breakfast this morning with friends who also are not obliged to report to an office in the morning. It was really nice, almost like a Saturday… except that we will all go to some kind of work today. Actually it really helped motivate me for the day: The husband will go to his work at rehearsal this evening, the friends will go to their classes and work from home. Hey! I need to get some work stuff done today too!

2) Long Distance Friends who keep tabs.
Thanks to Camille and Cindy for their encouragement and support. I so appreciated your messages and phone calls yesterday, telling me to chin up and offering pep-talks and good sound advice. I’m so thankful I’ve been able to know you both so much better, over the magic of the Internets.

3) Up days.
I haven’t said much here (if anything), but after 2 years of misdiagnosis and wrong/over medication, my Dad was diagnosed last year with early onset dementia. I don’t talk about it here, because–as previously noted–some things aren’t mine to tell. Or, even if they are, it’s all far too personal for public airing, and frankly, it’s hard s–t to talk about without crying. At least it has been.

The point is, things are getting better. They will never be back to “normal”–Dementia is degenerative and lasting (and no it’s not the same as Alzheimer’s). But things are getting better… and that’s why I decided to finally bring it up here, in terms of my Year of Gratitude.

I need to be thankful for the Up Days when my I see my Dad again in his best self, the man I grew up with, who laughs and jokes and reads, and helps clean up the dinner dishes, and plays with the dog, and sighs with sympathy and gives me good advice when I call to tell him I’ve lost my job.

Up Days will come and go for the rest of his life, I know that. But I thank God and my Dad and Mom and all his doctors for each and every one.


2 thoughts on “Year of Gratitude #20

  1. Aw, sweetie, you’re so welcome. I’m here, over the internet or phone, (hopefully soon in person) anytime you need to sound off or are in need of a distraction! 🙂 Hang in there, you’re doing great!

  2. I’m honored to be on your gratitude list! I hope we can connect soon. If you guys aren’t able to make it up here before JQ begins, I know I will be in the Tacoma Area mid March to visit peeps and celebrate some Nathan-Hannah engagement action!

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