V-Day ’10 + Year of Gratitude #21

Welcome to Emilie’s Year of Gratitude 
Special “Holiday” Edition!

Technically, the real Holiday is Presidents Day, but I’m going with Valentine’s Day.

I hope everyone had a nice Sunday. Those of you whose day included pretty dresses, cards and flowers, dinners out, or chocolates and wine, and those of you who refused to bend to socio-commerical pressure and enjoyed everyday, normal weekend activities with friends, saweethearts, and your lovely selves.

The husband and I have a pretty pleasant history of low-key Valentine’s Days, and this year was right on par. After his matinee show (during which I did boring housework and spent a couple hours writing) the husband cooked up his delicious chili recipe and we shared a bottle of wine with a Chevy Chase film-fest. Oh, and there were some of my favorite peach-tipped roses, too. 

So, though it is a day late, this Year of Gratitude posting is dedicated to the husband.

On Valentine’s Day, today, and darn near every day, I am grateful for:

1) His faith.
My husband believes in, honors, trusts, celebrates, and tries his very best to follow God. He holds my hand in church. He stands next to me to serve communion, cant, and shake hands with the Pastor. He has favorite hymns. He has definite opinions on sermons and he shares them with me. He prays with me and for me.

2) His idea of what’s funny.
Did you not read the part about a Chevy Chase fest? (I had never seen Spies Like Us or Fletch.) His depth and breadth of humor is ridiculous, truly: He can laugh—or more often make someone else laugh—equally hard about: Cute animals, dirty jokes, hair-metal bands, great slapstick, Shakespearean insults, ticklish spots, Disney movies, and The Colbert Report, just to name a very, very few.

3) His love.
What else is there to say?


One thought on “V-Day ’10 + Year of Gratitude #21

  1. Aw, how adorable are you two! 🙂

    We read Big Stone Gap and Precious. Not sure what the next book will be. Precious is a tough read, but Big Stone Gap is one of my favorites. I think I’ve read it about 20 times!

    Thanks for the support love. Muah!

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