Year of Gratitude #22

Ooof, I’ve been away a long time, it seems. A whole week? How’d that happen?

Actually, I can tell you very easily how it happened… there’s this peculiar aspect to blogging (for me) that holds me accountable. And when I start to get behind, I keep telling myself, “the next post will be a really good one to make up for it.”

See that? All the pressure I just built up for myself?

And although I have three different posts in the works, they may never get up here. They are all “big idea” posts that I usally like to actually structure, and edit, and find good links and photos and whatnot… and I’m just having a really hard time focusing on those things right now.

SO, I’m going to hide behind my Year of Gratitude, and write a quick post that doesn’t expect so much of me, only recognition of good things in life. I need a little reminder anyhow.

Today (and yes, you could say, this week), I am thankful for:

1) Cybil cat.
She’s been enjoying the heck out of EmilieBeingAtHomeALLThe Time. She’s very sympathetic and cuddly, and yowyows for me to open the sliding glass door for her madcap adventures on the balcony; it’s a good reminder that AlmostSpring is here, and I should get a move on  with my day.


2) The early February AlmostSpring.
Sadly, it looks like the weather man was right last night when he said it wouldn’t last. But glorioski! It’s been such a beautiful week, full of bright blue sky and cherry blossoms and lots of nice long walks.

3) Generous friends with cars.
The husband and I are attempting to get along as a one-car family–see, my little Scion XD gets much better gas mileage than his Volvo. So, he’s been taking Lali (that’s my car. Yes, it has a name) to his rehearsals and perfomances all along the countryside. Fortunately, I have many many sweet friends who are willing to pick me up along the way, or meet me somewhere to get me where I’m going. Thanks everybody!

Whew… that wasn’t so bad, was it? I’ll see you sooner than later.


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