I’ll say this for unemployment: The husband and I are rather pleased to spend a little more time together. I do admit, however, that unemployment also slightly ups my crazy level… something to do with the vague future and hours in the little messy spare room/office (#1 on the To-Do List is still “Make the spare room a proper office”).

Anyhow, with the combination of more time to spend together, and Emilie-being-slightly-more-crazy-than-usual, we’re sort of taking turns in being very nice to eachother. It sounds like a weird bargaining thing, but really, it’s nice.

As part of that, I was quietly making dinner last night while the husband sat surrounded by receipts and forms on the living room floor… Hooray, tax time! He’s taking care of all that, which I greatly appreciate, so I wanted to do something nice and just have dinner hot and ready before church.

Turns out I invented Chicken-POW.

Here’s the recipe:

Rub chicken breasts with a mixture of olive oil, dijon mustard, and fresh cracked pepper. Place them in a glass baking dish. Glass is very important. Cook the chicken breasts at 375 for 30 minutes, or until the juice runs clear.

Remove the hot glass dish from the oven and set it down on the stove, where you’ve been cooking your vegetable (I used green beans).

Slice the chicken breasts and wonder why the oil continues to spit and bounce in the glass dish when it should be cooling off.

Dish up the plates, and wonder why the green beans aren’t very cooked.

Realize that you turned on the wrong burner. The green beans were never even on a hot burner.
Oh. But the hot glass dish of chicken is.

Carefully remove the hot glass dish of chicken from the hot burner. Watch the spitting oil.

Set the hot glass dish on the counter, annnnd….


Now, the major flaw with Chicken-POW is that you may not get to actually eat it.
The food on your plate will likely be covered in glass shards, large and miniscule, as will the counter, the floor, the stove, and perhaps your sweater if you’re still within arm’s reach of the counter.

The aftermatch of Chicken-POW. Upside: No dishes!

But it does make for one hell of an exciting display.
Bonus: No troublesome dishes to wash!

And, if you have a wonderful husband like I do, he’ll laugh with you, and clean up the shards, and share his un-glassed dinner plate with you.


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