Year of Gratitude #23

I know, I know, my “daily” Year of Gratitude entries seem to be coming fewer and further between.

But please don’t think that because I’m not recording them here I’m not applying and fully enjoying the principle behind this whole exercise: To be more aware of and give thanks for the vast array of beautiful, miraculous, good-for-me things provided in this world. Every day this week, I have found myself saying (sometimes even audibly, to the visible consternation of passers-by) “Thank you.”

Here are some of the many many things I am grateful for this week:

1) Prepositional living.
I live in a wonderful place. Part of this was my choosing, but the larger part was by coincidence. But I love living on a hill, under trees, above the water, in a neighborhood, by a school, around the corner from churches, near the grocery, under rain clouds, along the Puget Sound… you catch my drift.

2) New projects!
This week started preparations for filming JourneyQuest, a webseries in which both the husband and I are acting. Lots more on this later, but for this week I’ve been meeting with the director to talk character, doing some “homework” writing, getting my costume fitted, attending a voice-over taping session, and starting to pack for the first “weekend in the woods.” Fun fun fun!

3) Kind and generous people helping me in my job search.
This week I’ve been in touch with at least 5 people who “heard I was looking” and have ideas, contacts, or opportunities they would like to pass along. Some are former co-workers, some are good friends, a couple of relatives, and a couple relative strangers to me… each one has been so helpful and encouraging. Thank you!


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