Confessions of an Unlikely Fitness Model

That’s right: As of this week, I am an official Fitness Model. Or at least, I have now been a model to promote a piece of fitness equipment… and I think that counts! Who says an average-size lady of  5’3″ with a booty can’t be considered “fit”? Not this girl.

Another perk of the unemployed is the freedom to take whatever comes along. Such as a former co-worker’s outoftheblue facebook message, proposing that I model for his company’s latest product. “We need a model. Would $XXX be a fair amount?” he asked. I said that indeed it would, and we were all set.

The great thing about this job was the total lack of apprehension I felt. Unlike most commercial ad/model shots I’ve gone out for, this was not a cattle call. Rather, it was an offer from a FormeWorkFriend who knows I have “theatrical and on-camera experience.”  Even more important, there was no second guessing about whether I’d fit what the client was looking for.

He knows what I look like. He knows I’m not a super-fit goddess of taut muscles and toned abs. And he still asked me.

Let's Get Physical

Pretty encouraging really. 

This is the kind of thing they’re going for… it’s all about the product (which, yes, includes a piece of software, as displayed on the screen).

This one’s a raw shot clearly; all the background will be edited out, the colors brightened, the info on the screen made more visible and exciting, etc. (Oooh! Maybe they can even digitally flatten out my stomach!)

The finalized pics will be used for publicity items, like brochures, on the website, and on a big poster for trade shows.

The shoot itself was fun to do… exercise clothes and sneakers, and basically doing a form of step-aerobics for a couple of hours. Action shots, some posed, alone and with a “trainer.” It made up for my skipping the gym, alright! Even better, it was a nice opportunity to reconnect with a couple of folks I worked with for three years.

Also, there’s a very good chance I’ll never  be hired for this kind of a job again. I’m not getting down on myself, don’t worry… But in the commercial world, I’m just not your typical “fitness model.” And I’m definitely ok with that.
I have other talents, non? Mais oui!  

But y’know, it is nice to have the chance to do something completely unpredictable for your “type”, to be something unexpected… something you’re not.

Thanks for the opportunity!


One thought on “Confessions of an Unlikely Fitness Model

  1. I think I kind of know how you feel. I was hired (via a craigslist ad) to do a group photo shoot for a pharmaceutical ad last year. They were looking specifically for folks of my “stature” and it was kind of great to be in a room of people, being primped and polished, and not automatically feeling unattractive. It was a very positive, and unexpected experience.

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