JourneyQuest Filming: First Day On Set

Have you ever had a camera strapped to your body? While it’s big round, bottomles pit of an eye is staring you directly in the face? Let me tell you, it’s a bizarre experience, and one requiring a little more balance than I am naturally blessed with.

Good thing the whole endeavor was meant to simulate a little, shall we say, hallucinatory journey?

 So as I mentioned before, I’m playing a bard in JourneyQuest, a fantasy web-series in pre-production. In this world, bards–even student bards, for whom an epic is the equivalen of a senior thesis–are all assigned a “standard potion array.” Each potion is essential to the difficulties one might encounter on the road. “Veil of death” for instance, would allow one to slip through a pesky crowd of zombies, unnoticed. “Passwall” potion lets you… uh, pass thorugh a wall. And so on.

My first job on our first filming day was to run flailingly away from impending danger, trip and fall, break the potions in my bag, and then accidentally inhale them all. Hence, the simulated drug trip.

(I want to point out that my arms are still tired from what amounts to a heckuva lot of push-ups to drop in and out of frame!)

So: The Body-Cam. The whole apparatus gets mounted on your shoulder, with the actual camera on a 14″ arm out in front of you, allowing the camera to keep you in focus while the rest of the world blurs in the background.

The little strap you see in the picture there is supposed to keep it all steady, but we decided I should just hold the camera with my off-screen hand, just for safety.

Watching playback with the crew and trying to stay warm!

Anyone wandering through the lovely misty trails at Fort Stevens might have been a little surprised to see a chick in nothing but boots and a strategically wrapped cape (at this point my character has had her clothes stolen), giggling and reeling about the forest with a camera strapped to her.

At least, they might have been surprised if they hadn’t already run across the wizard at the trailhead. I hear he was issuing spells and quizzes.

*   *   *   *   *

An important sidenote: It has to be said. Last weekend–the first days of filming JourneyQuest–was nothing short of an emotional whirlwind. A bona fide tragedy the very first day required us to shut down production till the following weeks. We are all dealing with it as best we can, and the production team has resolved to continue, albeit towards a slightly altered product.

If you have spare prayers for healing, grieving, compassion, and strength, please send them our way. We know many hearts that could use them.


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