Year of Gratitude #25

Once again, I’m getting behind on recording for posterity those things that make me grateful to be alive and in the company of so many wonderful people. I know, I should have all day to get it down, shouldn’t I? Ah well. No time to start again like the present, eh?

This week I am grateful for:

Gather round, kids.

Did you know that years and years ago, before “Best Friends Forever” was ever lolspeak, we old ones used to actually write out all three words? And wear it on little silver hearts necklaces, broken in two or three pieces? I know, I know… it seems crazy to waste all that space with all those letters when three will suffice. What can I say? … it was the olden days. 

And did you youngsters also know that silly little phrase has the potential to actually mean something important? That’s right. If you’re truly lucky, some of the dozens of people you claim as your BFFs may actually be around… forever.
Or at least for a good 30 or 40 years or so.

Sure, you may lose touch for awhile. Different schools, marriage, moving to new cities, states, and countries. Depending on who gets married, gets a job, or has a baby first, you may actually feel quite disconnected to each other’s lives and daily activities.

But the real BFFs always come back. And it really is like coming home, everytime you see each other or chat on the phone… even if it’s been months inbetween.

There’s just something so important, so gratifying about reconnecting, over and over, with people who knew you as you were figuring out who to be, what to believe, what to dream, and how to get along in your skin.

And no, I haven’t worn my piece of a three-part heart in more than a decade.
But I know right where it is.


3 thoughts on “Year of Gratitude #25

  1. Not only do I think I know where that church is exactly, I think it’s one that my mother did the stained glass in. Well, not just her, but she was on the three-person team. Does it have lovely rainbow stained glass down each side?

    • Why it does indeed, Keith! This is Messiah Lutheran Church in Auburn, right across from the high school. Like most Lutheran churches, it’s the upside-down arc, with lovely stained glass windows all along each sie of the sanctuary. Ring a bell? If that’s the one, tell your mom thanks for me! I have loved those windows my whole life!

      • Sounds like the place to me. The windows would have been installed some time in the early 90s, around 1992 or so. It has always been one of my favorite pieces from that period. She did all the sandblasting; Bill Hillman did the design, layout and glass selection along with Ken whose-last-name-I-can’t-recall-at-the-moment. I’m glad you enjoy it.

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