March is a Lost Month

Yowza. I don’t know how you all feel about March, but March—for me, anyhow—is the most restless of all months. I’ve mentioned it here before, but every year it becomes more and more elusive, and harder and harder to tie down and make more aware of its responsibilites! And yes, this year, March 2010, shall be known as “The Lost Month.”

At least, it seems to have been a lost month here at onefootonshore.

And I’m a bit sorry for that… sorry for not keeping my own responsibilities to you, who are kind enough to take an interest in my little goings on, and even sorrier for not keeping my responsibilities to myself. Writing every day? What? Keeping track of my gratitude?


Well, here it is April, and —yes, yes, I know, it’s a good week into April, but still!—it’s a good time for new beginnings… again. I think I’m back on track. Or, at the very least, in terms of this blog, I actually signed in for the first time in about 2 weeks, and here I am writing a post that will not end up in the drafts folder (there are several of those, just for the record).

There’s a lot to talk about, friends. A lot of it is biglifechangingstuff, and some of it is littlenothingstuff. As it warrants more discussion, I’ll save most of it for later posts.

But, in the spirit of finding my last month, here’s a little re-cap:

I’m still unemployed and looking for/applying for/despairing ever finding/optimistically continuing the search for  a job. This occupies most of my time.

I do currently have some very short-term work, contracting with TheFormerWorkplace for a project.

We finished filming JourneyQuest and I attended my first sci-fi/fantasy convention for a discussion panel, where I saw myself on TV for the first time (discounting the worst car commerical ever). It was a very strange thing. I blink too much.

I’ve been on zero job interviews, but 3 commercial auditions in the last two weeks. No bites yet, but it’s nice to see the bait at least.

I’ve been for some wonderful long walks around my beautiful neighborhood, solo and with Kanarie as her schedule permits.

I visited with my 2 best girls from grade school and beyond, for the first time in nearly a year. It has been far too long, ladies.

Auburn Girls... Can't believe we met 16 and 20 years ago.

I’m rehearsing with the band, and we have some fun shows and private gigs coming up this spring and summer.

I’m rehearsing for a staged reading of Racine’s Phedre (in French). Very dramatic. Very… wrought.

I’m working on a live poetry event (Mouths & Mics) that will take place here in Tacoma at the end of April. (details to follow) Going into it, I don’t know any of the other poets at all, and I know my style is very different from theirs… this scares and excites me, and is making the creative juices seep all over my head.

The husband is in the thick of audition season, and has had some great opportunities to read for new casting directors. I am so proud of him.

My bangs desperately need to be trimmed and my blondeblonde roots are in even more dire need of attention.

Easter: After singing The Halleluia Chorus at all 3 services, the day was wonderfully low-key. The husband had a show, so I spent the day at Mom&Dad’s, eating, sleeping, and watching Anne of Avonlea.

Some of my Church Family at Saint Marks!

 So. There’s all that. More soon on the biglifechanging and litttlenothing stuff. I promise. Restless March is gone for the year, and I may yet be able to nail my feet to the floor in it’s wake.

Hello again, everyone!


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