BellyShots: 15 weeks

Well, we’ll see how long I can/want/am disciplined enough to keep up with this, but…
here’s the belleh at 15 weeks.

15 weeks

For this and all future pictures, keep in mind that my sway back (see that nice backwards c-curve?) highly exaggerates the actual protuberance of the belleh. (Can you hear my mom? “Posture, Em! Tuck in your rear!”)

Basically, I’m just… well, thick. Nothing really fits, and I’m pulling out clothes from life-before-gluten-free, when I wore 3 sizes larger (a qualified “hooray” for not throwing out the really nice stuff).

And even though I don’t really want to get maternity clothes yet (that is to say, I’m usually tired and cranky and therefore overwhelmed every time I attempt to look for them), none of my current jeans are able to zip up all the way… or at all. This picture was taken with the top of my jeans folded down, all 90210-style.

Also, according to and the amazing wow!-your-baby’s-the-size-of-some-kind-of-fruit/food feature (thanks Jenny for pointing me to it!)… 15 weeks means I have an apple in my belleh.

That is, about 2.5 ounces and 4 inches of baby. Or, an apple.

Mmmm. Apple sounds good right now.
Excuse me while I go find the peanut butter to keep it company…


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