Spring Cleaning!

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I am not what you might call a “Domestic Goddess.”

Cooking, cleaning, not setting things on fire… these are things to which I aspire, things I work on often, if not entirely diligently. And for a creative type, home decorating is surprisingly (even to me!) low on the priorities level.

Truth be known, it takes a rare convergence of events to make me really antsy to clean and pretty up our cute little apartment.

Out of town visitors, for instance,  are a pretty good incentive. Even visitors like the lovely Ms. Camille, who are absolutely low pressure guests, have slept on an air mattress in out living room for want of an actual guest bed, and who completely understand the value of piles. Their very slightly foreign presence makes me realize it’s long past time to get those piles sorted and tossed, and perhaps run the vacuum while I’m at it, and get rid of those empty cardboard boxes that are taking up half the living room….

Or, perhaps, a big spill on the kitchen floor (not my fault for once!) may be the next-to-final straw that convinces the camel to finally deep clean the kitchen for the first time in Iwon’tsayhowmany weeks. And once I got started, I finally got the new little wooden kitchen cart set up and arranged for convenient cookery, shifted appliances and foodstuffs for premium pantry access, reorganized the recycling situation, and hung a fantastic photo above the sink. Somehow, more stuff–when well organized–makes the little room look bigger! KitchenPhysics can be baffling but lovely to behold.

And finally, miserably indecisive weather combined with a healthy dose of cabin fever drove me to it all… blowing off some plans I had made for the day and attacking piles with a vengeance. Hang those pictures! Sort that mail! Laundry, be gone!

Ahhhhh. Although I know in my heart this is only the beginning of a much-needed Spring Cleaning, it feels so darn good to just get it started. Look out husband…ready for another trip to the Goodwill/recycling bin/dumpster/hardware store? Tell you what: I’ll start a list.


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