BellyShots: 16 Weeks

I’m a bit late, but I couldn’t find my camera for a few days. Anyhow…
here’s the belleh at 16 weeks.

16 Weeks

Compared to last week, I think the bump looks noticeably more pronounced, don’t you?  It definitely feels that way… but then, Cybilcat doesn’t seem to care one way or another at this point, so who knows?

I had a callback for an industrial/commercial acting gig this afternoon, and—since it’s not a role for a pregnant lady (they do exist!)—I had a heckuva time finding some business clothes that fit and hid the bump… at least a little bit.

You can’t tell here, but I actually did pretty well, thanks to another too-big-but-too-nice-to-toss skirt suit and some major support undergarments. But lemmetellya… I think this may one of, if not the last time I wear those super-sucker pantyhose for a looong while. Never mind my own considerable discomfort—I have no interest in birthing a master contortionist, come October!

Also, please note two things in this photo:
1) My first pair of maternity jeans (from Old Navy), which allow me to just let it allllll hang out. And, man! does that feel good!
2) A nice alternative to an actual maternity top. Being short-waisted has its advantages, especially when long-stretchy tees are all over the place, and cover the territory quite nicely… for now.

And the best part: I bought them both at the Goodwill for $5 a piece, in new condition. This shirt still had tags on, as did a pretty pink Banana Republic top ($1!). Hooray!

Oh, and if you’re keeping track, according to and the amazing wow!-your-baby’s-the-size-of-some-kind-of-fruit/food feature
16 weeks means I have an AVOCADO in my belleh.

That is, about 3.5 ounces and 4.5 inches of baby. Or, an avocado.


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