Belly Shots: 17 Weeks

For some reason, Cybil Cat  is always right in the very near vicinity when it’s time to take the Belly Shots. And she’s so pick-up-able. See her pink open mouth there? Yep, that’s the yow of discontent, alright. Anyhow…
here’s the belleh (and the kitteh) at 17 weeks.

17 Weeks

This is one of my fantastic recent thrifting finds– a brand new Banana Republic top for $1. Hey, I have to be excited about these little victories! My wardrobe options continue to shrink as my waist expands… but Mom came to the rescue with some fun 60s maternity dresses (I’m going to shorten one so it looks slightly less Amish) and a couple of my old broomstick skirts from college. Yeah, elastic waists.

Even more exciting than a stylish bargain:
I felt the baby for the first time this week! It’s such a strange feeling…  less like the “flutter” my doctor said would be coming, and much more of a light, quick pressure. I was telling T about it, and she had a really interesting point: It’s a physical sensation I’ve never felt before.

Sure, I can feel the exhaustion, the emotional tilt-a-whirl, and yes, the occasional  nausea that are all part and parcel of pregnancy… but those are all specific and internal to me. And while, yes, the new little pressure is indeed internal,  I’ve never been touched this way by someone else.

I’ve been living in this body for 28 years, and this teensy, momentary, and mobile little contact from another life and soul and set of fingers and toes is completely new, a foreign sensation. Crazy.

Also, I think I’ve finally managed to tell everyone, “Hey! Guess what? We’re pregnant!” See, I’ve been waiting till I see most people in person to tell them… certainly all my close friends and family. But, due to… well, being pregnant and unemployed — and therefore tired, unmotivated and (admittedly) slightly antisocial — I just haven’t seen many people. And now that I have seen them, I’ve also had the added fun of actually looking pregnant when I make the announcement.

Visual aids are always helpful in an effective presentation, I think.

(As you may have noticed, I’m mostly trying to keep the “day-to-day” baby stuff all concentrated in these Belly Shots posts. There will certainly be more baby-related posts as October approaches, I’m sure… but for now, I think this’ll work, yes?)

And, of course, in the food world
(or as noted on )…
17 weeks means I have a TURNIP in my belleh.

That is, about 5 ounces and 5 inches of baby.


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