Belly Shots: 18 Weeks

So far so good.. I’m actually remembering to take the bellyshots pictures! Now, getting them posted up here is a slightly different matter.

But here we are: the belleh at 18 weeks.

18 Weeks

As you can see, I’ve made more inroads into the realm of maternity clothes by now…

Welcome, Emilie, to the wonderful world of tunics and leggings. Welcome to painterly smocks with room to grow, and versatile stretch from your ribs to your calves.

I never thought I’d be setting down roots in this territory, but well… here I am. And I can see why so many pregnant women become citizens of the lycra-land… it’s just so darn comfortable!

And a good thing too… over the last couple weeks, it’s become flat-out farcical to try any of my pre-pregnancy clothes. Well… at least the pants. And the skirts. And most of my dresses.

Shoot, I’ve already tried a couple of skirts on at least three times, and to decidedly worsening results.  So—to stave off continuing frustration—I put them all away this week.

Fugitive Frippery

Banished to an underbed storage container… out of sight, and hopefully out of mind.

Out went all my pretty pencil skirts, work trousers, tailored dresses, fitted blouses. Anything with a defined waist.

I did save out a bunch of nice stuff that I will loan to a few friends till after the baby comes (hopefully not too long after!)–it’s just too nice not to be worn and loved by someone!

Oh, and if you’re wondering what my green grocer’s belly is currently harboring—and if you somehow didn’t see the very secret and completely hidden clue in the belly shots picture above…
18 weeks means I have a BELL PEPPER in my belleh.

That is, about 7 ounces and 5.5 inches of baby.


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