Belly Shots: 19 Weeks

This week’s BellyShots picture makes  me giggle a little… for one thing, there’s this “God light” filtering through the blinds. “Behold!” For another, I sort of feel like Where’s Waldo… Or like I’m in front of a green screen or something. Ah well.

In any case, here’s the belleh at 19 weeks:

19 Weeks

I felt a couple of weeks ago like I truly “looked” pregnant, but I guess it’s more obvious to the general populace this week. A sweet old lady in the choir at church came up and asked if I was pregnant, and at the bank, the teller took one look at me and let me use the private restrooms.

I’m feeling pretty good these days, except for a spring cold and all the random things I hear are normal when you’re pregnant.

And like I’ve mentioned to a few people, the greatest and weirdest thing about pregnancy is that all the strange things happening to my body are so well-documented. Because they have happened to every single woman who has ever given birth!

Each time I read a little online or in a book abut “what’s new with your body” this week, it’s like a reverse crystal ball.

“Why yes, my eyes are dry. And my skin is acting weird on the palms of my hands. I have been having trouble with bloody noses, yes! Slight pains here and here? Why yes, I did go for a long walk today… that must explain it!” Shoot, I can even find out now what strange new side effect will strike me in another two weeks.

And of course, this week’s vegetable equivalent:
19 weeks means I have a LARGE HEIRLOOM TOMATO in my belleh.

That is, about 8.5 ounces and 6 inches of baby.

I like how they are so specific in size and type of tomato. Keeps a girl from wandering around the supermarket, positioning all the different varietals in front of her abdomen.

Nearly 5 months, folks. More than halfway to babytime. Wow.


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