Just Your Typical Washington Beach Holiday

For most of the last 6 or 7 years, I’ve spent the long Memorial Day weekend at the Washington Coast, thanks to the hospitality of friend’s parents, and their willingness to let a bunch of 20-somethings overrun their beach houses.

And of those 6 or 7 years, I think I can recall maybe 2 occasions where the weather allowed shirt sleeves and rolled pants, never mind a swim suit. Much more often, rain gear, tennies, knit caps, and a set of dry clothes are in order.

But that’s the Washington Coast in June for ya. Still windy, still rainy, still grey as all get out, and yes, still full of out-of-towners and part time residents. They’re (we’re) all bundled and gortexed to the hilt, determined to make the most of their holidays.

Kids strip down and run into the waves for handfuls of brown kelp while their parents hold their rain boots and parkas. Families slog through the wet sand aboard those four-man bicycles and a few couples moped around the strange collection of unattached stores and ice cream parlors that form the downtown. Retired couples recline on camp chairs, zipped to the chin in fleece, watching the waves and sipping from thermoses.

There’s just something so very British about it all, this determination to “get the air.” I love it all so much.

Forget the beach bunnies, folks. Here we have budding cold-weather scientists and yogis in training.

For this particular Memorial Day Holiday Weekend, we were celebrating AMA’s 29th birthday. We managed to harness a precious few hours of sunshine Saturday morning, and spent them all walking on the beach. But après ça?

La deluge!

Sunday and Monday were complete washouts, weather-wise. So, we did what Washingtonian girls (and one guy) do best, when there’s no walkable weather to be had: Eat, drink, yakkity-yak, be merry, play with the canine companions, and watch videos. Then cook something else and eat some more. In our pajamas. All day.

Ooh! And we stumbled upon some fantastic near-after hours music at The Galway, Ocean Shores Irish pub. An Irish singer/guitar player entertained our small crowd well after his normal set time, during which some of the gang found some particularly tasty spirits.

Pretty nice way to spend the time, really.

Two dogs, one house. They were kept in separate rooms the whole time--no small feat! Here, A & AMA investigate a mysterious bunp on the pup's nose. Former vet-tech AMA prescribed a doggie-sized dose of benadryl for an allergic reaction. Must've been some of the kelp and sea-stuff he kept trying to eat...

The Birthday Girl! (Who is not 92 as the candles may suggest in this photo.)

One of our “outings”… we left the shelter of the beach house in search of a video.
Turns out everybody else in Ocean Shores had the same idea.
A 15-minute wait in line and then… argh! Broken!

Washington Coast Beach Bunnies! AMA, Erin, and I, determined to enjoy the wind and the waves, one more time!


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