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7 years ago, I interned at the ELCA* headquarters just outside of Chicago. Working with the Women’s Organization and the publications staff at Lutheran Woman Today magazine, I helped to launch the first issue of Café, a brand new e-zine geared for women from college age to their mid-thirties, women who are looking to explore, expand, and share their faith.

The whole idea of Cafe was to create a conversational e-zine, something that felt more like talking to friends over coffee than a bible study. Something that you could talk to your friends about over coffee. The name really says it all. “C.A.F.E.” Community. Advocacy. Faith. Enlightenment.

I learned so much from that short 3-month experience. I worked with a fantastically inspiring mentor and another intern to lead focus groups, determine the first year of issue themes, and to design the look of the new publication. Professionally, I learned how to write promotional materials, how to contact and work with authors… in  short, I learned all of the skills I use to this day in any publications environment.

More importantly, I learned how it is truly possible to work in a field that serves and supports your innermost beliefs. On our last day at Café, I told the staff that I would always seek that kind of job… one where my joy and talent filled a need and helped to build a community.

I’m still looking for the magical job that will bring that feeling back… but remembering just this moment how strongly I felt seven years ago? That’s one helluva jolt to this unemployed writer.

Time to get back on track, Emilie.
It is possible. It is out there, somewhere, waiting for me.
I just have to try my damndest to find it.

*Evangelical Lutheran Church of America


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