Belly Shots: 22 Weeks

Nope, you didn’t miss anything between 19 and 22. Here’s what happened:

We had out first ultrasound last Tuesday (magical! more later!), and the doctor told me I’m actually nearly a week farther along than I thought. And then I didn’t get (forgot to take) a BellyShot photo in the few days that made up the difference… so, on we go!

Here’s the belleh at 22 weeks!

22 Weeks

Excuse my wrinkled shorts… I just got them, and they got all gnarled up in the bag where they’ve been sitting for 2 days. (PS: Thank you SO much, HawaiiMom! I’ll send you some more pics of the great things I got!) Also, excuse CybilCat’s sour face. She just looks like that most of the time, even when she’s purring up a storm, like she was here.

So. Today was CousinHolly’s baby shower, in preparation for her early-July birth. Lots of people, lots of fun, lots of delicious food, and lots of good ideas about “what the heck you need for a baby.” (In addition to adorable baby clothes, of course.)

Anyhow, CousinHolly mentioned how I am bigger than she was at around 5 months… I know everyone grows at different rates, sizes, etc. But today, looking at this belleh… man! I feel like I look so huge! And there’s going to be a growth spurt in the next 2-3 weeks! Where’s that cocoa butter?

Sorry. Minor freakout over. For the moment. On we go, again.

The sonogram. Was. Amazing. The money-shot, the perfect little facial profile, was beautiful and heart-stopping, of course. Our baby. Mine and the husband’s. Parts of each of us, and truly, parts of all the people who made and raised us.

But to me, the other, inner-duty things seemed even  more miraculous… there was our baby’s brain, different views of the pumping heart, the kidney and lungs, little bright white nubbins of toes and ears… all the parts that come together so neatly, so perfectly to make a person.

Looking on that screen and seeing little features materialize out of this shifting, grey, nebulous nowhere and then join together to become something whole… for a  second I thought, “this is the closest I will ever come to knowing God’s joy in creation.”

If I haven’t mentioned it here already, we have decided to wait until birth to find out if EG (the Evil Genius) is a boy or a girl. So, on the ultrasound-tech’s prompt, we turned away at all the crucial moments. 🙂

Other than that, at 22 weeks, we have a slightly smaller than average, but otherwise healthy baby in the making, weighing in at 12 ounces so far. I think it has my nose, but we may have to wait and see awhile on that one.

12 ounces. Less than a pound. Going off the husband’s and my birth weights, EG could be anywhere from 6 to 9+ lbs! (Go ahead and guess who was the biggun… wrong! It was me!) That means the little thing inside is going to get 6 to 9 times bigger! Oh man, I am going to be huuuuge.

Sorry again. I’ll save the rest of the moaning for later.

In the meantime, in the world of baby as vegetable:

We have traveled from a BANANA (20 weeks) to a CARROT (21 weeks) to a SPAGHETTI SQUASH (22 weeks).

That is, about 12 ounces (at last measurement) and11 inches of baby.


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