PWF w/S seeks The Perfect Summer Sandal

“Pregnant Woman with Style  (and questionable balance) seeks versatile black walking sandal of reputable brand and origins to offer comfort and stability. Accompany me to dressy affairs and casual outings with stamina and unobtrusive  flair, and I promise a long, mutually satisfying relationship. Please no grannie shoes.”

In other words: The Hunt Is On! And once again, this huntress is on the prowl for a very particular prey:

The Perfect Summer Sandal.

We’re traveling to Texas for SisterMaria’s wedding at the end of the month (hooray!), and I need something I can wear with my fancy long dress for the ceremony, with my capris and skirts for preparation and touristy walking, and for the rest of the summer. Tall order? Hah. Hahahahahaha!

I’m hoping this campaign will be swifter than my last focused hunt for the Perfect Black Pump. I am still very satisfied with my eventual capture, but the process simply took too long. Blame my youth. Blame my lack of focus, more likely.

This time, I have the time and a time limit. This time, I mean war.

Required Characteristics:

  • $50 or less
  • Low wedge/platform or stable heel (less than o.5-2.0″)
  • Black leather straps, embossed or plain, patent if not too dressy
  • Incredibly comfortable foot bed with good arch support
  • Black or high-contrast sole, but not white or beige
  • T-strap preferable
  • No thongs or toe rings
  • Slide preferable, with supportive side-strap placement
  • If ankle straps, placed very low

Embellishments may include:

  • Low-polish metallics (silver or muted bronze preferred)
  • Buckles where functional
  • Shell or beading in black or high-contrast neutral

Any suggestions?
Where did you get your go-to sandals?


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