BellyShots: 22 Weeks (again!)

Aaaagh! We’re stuck in the time warp! I’m going to be 22 weeks pregnant for the rest of my life!

Ok, not really. Here’s what happened this time:

I went to see a specialist last week, and he took another ultrasound, and told me he thinks that we’ve been one week ahead of schedule. We’ll see what they say when I go back to the midwives in a couple of weeks…

In any case, here is the belleh at 22 weeks… again!

22- Weeks, Take 2

This shirt is another one of my new maternity purchases, and it’s so comfy and summery. The husband was of the opinion that the belt made the belleh look smaller… not sure I agree! I wore this to church on one of our first sunny days in over a week. Finally, summer is here! (For now.)

Some Medical Things
The reason I went to a specialist was to go over the results of some very comprehensive blood tests I had taken back in January. We have some issues in my family history with blood clots, and so I am being a good, proactive girl and learning about my body.

Turns out I have a copy of a gene for a clotting disorder, but I am heterozygous (I only have half of a “bad gene”) as opposed to homozygous (the whole enchilada). The specialist told me about 15-20% of the population have the same thing.  He was concerned, however, by my immediate family’s history of blood clots (dad, aunt, and grandpa, plus a few more farther down the generational line).

The specialist was very thorough, and we talked about possible prevention (which included my administering a daily shot of a blood thinner in my own belleh during or after pregnancy), as well as the importance of a plan for an emergency situation (in the case of a c-section, other surgeries, or any length of bed-rest, for instance).

Fortunately, he and his colleague both decided that the daily shots are probably overkill.  “You’re young,” the doc said, and—aside from the noted genetic pre-disposition—I don’t have a lot of problems or habits that can lead to blood clots, like smoking or obesity.  And most promising? “The fact is, you’re sitting here on my table, 22 weeks pregnant. That speaks louder than a test result.”

I’m so thankful for all the specialist’s thoroughness and thoughtful consideration of my history, lifestyle, current health, and test results. We now have a noted plan of action for the first signs of complication. And, as it turns out, for all the science at work here, the best thing I can do for myself is to just do the things that are best for my body.

“Don’t sit around all day. Walk every day, at least a little. Eat healthily, eat enough, and eat often, and drink more water than you think you need.”

Pretty good advice, really.


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