Green & Growing Things! (So Far…)

This week, I had to run out and spend $4 on a fragrant little bunch of basil at the local produce stand. That seemed like a lot to pay for something my mom regularly plucks right out of her garden as needed. And then, after nibbling some delicious salad made from a friend’s mixed greens plot… well, I decided it was time.

Time to cast off my former failures at gardening (mostly caused by yer garden variety neglect) and really dig in, get my hands dirty, etc., and enter the wonderful world of balcony botany.

In other words, I am trying my hand at a green thumb, folks.

And although I’ve visions of a beautiful sanctuary of edibles and pretty things just flowing over the edges of our little apartment balcony, I’ve decided to start small and see how it goes. What did I need and enjoy this week? Basil and lettuce. Alright then, that’s where we start.

I picked up the plant starts at the Thursday Farmer’s Market in downtown Tacoma. As it’s a few weeks into the market season, more and more stands have appeared with produce and garden starts, but I decided to to buy from L’Arche Farm & Garden.

L’Arche is a local non-profit group our church supports, and that “uses horticulture and art to instill confidence and build life skills” in individuals with developmental disabilities.” It’s a unique, and noticeable ministry in our community, and I can definitely get behind that.

So I spent $2 for 4 lettuce plants and $4 for one live basil plant that was already the same size of the bunch I paid for last week. Not bad, eh?

I just got them in the planters this morning, so I’ll keep my enthusiasm at their apparent well-being to a conservative low, at least until next week, I think.

But they sure do look pretty out there!

Not overflowing yet, exactly, but much better than the corpse of the hanging plant I killed last year that’s been haunting the poor old balcony ever since.

Probably should do something about that. Can’t be good for morale…


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