Udi’s Gluten-Free Pizza Crust

This last week I tried a new GF pizza crust to make pizza at home. Udi’s GF Frozen Pizza Crust is pretty darn good, and it reminded me how much fun it used to be to make pizza at home for sleepovers and birthdays.

It comes in a pack of two rounds, about 5 inches across… the husband and I each nearly a whole one each (1 or 2 pieces left I think).

For the test run, I made the tastiest, easiest pizza there is, a pizza margherita, using this recipe.

The Verdict
Like the other GF products from Udi’s I’ve tried (white sandwich bread and blueberry muffins), the consistency is fantastic. It tastes like what it is, not what it’s trying to remind you of. In other words, their basic GF pizza crust compares well with.. yep, a basic pizza crust. Chewy, thin, nothing fancy. Something bready and good to transport cheese and veggies to your mouth and belleh. (For a touch more flavor, I’d recommend using extra herbs.)

From freezer to plate, the whole enterprise took about 20 minutes. I’ll definitely be getting these again soon for a quick, delicious, GF main dish that I can eat and the husband devoured!


3 thoughts on “Udi’s Gluten-Free Pizza Crust

    • This crepe recipe looks amazing! I spent some time in college in France, and any time to relive my love affair with crepes (best accompanied by a carafe of good ol’ house rose) is time well spent.
      Can’t wait to try this, and will be checking back in with your blog often!

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