Bellyshots: 24 weeks

Whoops, got behind again! This time I do have a week of travel as an excuse though…

Here is the belleh at 24 weeks!

24 Weeks

No, it’s not some kind of prenatal yoga pose (though it could be!). This was taken today at this week’s Frost Park Chalk Challenge in downtown Tacoma. You can see my finished product below. (Thanks KFnet… by the way, I stole these pictures, ok? Ok, thanks.)

And yes, I know, this picture doesn’t give a very good comparison, since it’s not my usual standing profile shot. But, it’s what I had immediately available, and dangit, I just need to get these posts going! (Even the husband gently chided me last night for getting so behind.)

In the last two weeks I’ve really started feeling EG (the Evil Genius) moving around in there, pretty much all day, every day. Litle blips and blorps, and the frequent biff!pow!bam! It keeps surprising me how active that kid is, and how forceful some of it feels…. not to mention how weird it looks when I see little bulges popping out of my abdomen.

It’s turned into a kind of game to guess the triggers. So far, we assume that EG looooves—and is therefore responding in excitement, and not in distress or abject loathing to—the following:

in Spanish, and loud

Momma dancing
at gigs with TheBand, at SisterMaria’s wedding reception,
and around the living room, just cause

Daddy’s jokes and silly voices
that make Mama laugh, even when she kind of hates
his new gravelly-shrill imitation-Mama voice

any and all

Late bedtimes
when Mama is silly enough to try and sleep

Late mornings
when Mama is still trying to sleep, having been kept up

In the meantime, in the world of baby as vegetable,
we have traveled from a LARGE MANGO (23 weeks)…

to an EAR OF CORN (24 weeks).

That is, about one pound and one foot of baby.

And, the finished chalk drawing? Thanks to KFnet and Kanarie for the inspiration!

Pregnant, PG-13 mermaid with no arms. I'm not so good at drawing hands.


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