BellyShots: 25 Weeks

It’s late, but I do have a bellyshots picture for 25 weeks… 26 weeks coming soon, I promise!

In the meantime, I’m going to keep this all in present tense, so as not to confuse or annoy myself. You can pretend this was posted  last week. Or perhaps pretend that it’s a voice from the past, coming to you, the futuristic roamer of the internets today. Good? Good.

Here’s the belleh at 25 weeks.

25 Weeks

I absolutely loooove this dress! I picked it up three weeks ago at a consignment maternity store in downtown Tacoma called “Anew Thyme,” and have worn it as many times since, to church, a night at the theatre, and well, just because. (My mom made the pretty cardigan sweater for herself, many moons ago.)

[Update: Here’s a link to Anew Thyme’s Facebook page! See what’s new at this fantastic store for Mammas-to-Be!]

It just has such a pretty, clean, almost vintage look to it, and I’ve gotten lots of nice compliments… and it fits!

It’s just so nice to find something I would want to buy and wear, were I not pregnant. Something that is definitely my style. You can find a lot of cute maternity clothes, but it’s tough to really harness your individual look in the pared-down offerings.


EG (the baby) continues to be super active, though it seems to have changed positions. Instead of imagining little toes dancing on my bladder, I’m pretty sure I have the full weight of that kid down there now, knees ajangling, elbows flying, and sure, more dancing toes on my bladder and every other vital thing down there.

I have to say, some of the sense of miraculous wonder is seeping into territory more like, “Ok, here we go again. Ouch! Hmm.. oof– hey! C’mon now, kid, that just doesn’t feel good.” Of course, that’s just sometimes.

I’m pleased to repeat the sense of wonder is mostly intact.

And, in the world  of baby as vegetable, 25 weeks means there is an AVERAGE RUTABEGA in my belleh.

Or, about 13.5 inches and 1.5 lbs of baby.

Apparently our rutabega is also starting to sprout more hair and is getting a little of that pinchable baby-fat in place. Average, what? Please.


3 thoughts on “BellyShots: 25 Weeks

  1. That’s my dress or it was! Don’t you look cute!!

    Thanks so much for the advertising. I’ve got a Harmon dinner coupon for you and your husband.
    Shop’s open Wed – Sat 12-5pm.
    Many blessings,

    • Wow, Thanks, Elizabeth! I loved your store, an dI’ll be HAPPY to come see you and thank you for the gift certificate… and definitely happy to take another look around at your latest goodies!

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