BellyShots: 27 Weeks

Aw, the heck with it. Let’s just call a turnip a turnip and admit that I’m only posting BellyShots every two weeks. I’ll try to be better, but in the meantime, I think I’m okay with that.

So: Here is the the belleh at 27 weeks.

27 Weeks

I love maternity clothes that aren’t maternity clothes… fortunately, I think I can get away with this for about another month. I wore this stretchy, strapless dress on a busy Sunday… to church, a family lunch, and a baby shower, with mixed comments.

While a couple of old Lutheran ladies smilingly teased me about the target (one of the reasons I bought this dress!), several girls at the shower mentioned that they didn’t even realize I was pregnant (while I was sitting down, mind you), mostly because–to their apparent astonishment—“you’re still dressing like you have a choice about your clothes.” Huh.

Well, anyhoo, the mastermind behind the target has been bizzy bizzy bizzy this week! Though I obviously have no visual proof, I’m positive EG is turning somersaults in there.

It’s pretty impressive, and more than a little weird to witness… when I watch the swirling landscape of the belleh before bedtime, it’s nearly enough to make me dizzy, and I’m on the outside.

Another perfectly-normal-but-seems-weird thing: Being able to poke and prod and feel where the baby is at any given time. Now that really spooked the husband the first time I convinced him that pushing on my belleh wouldn’t hurt. 🙂

We had another sonogram this week because last time EG measured “on the very small end of average” and they wanted to track the growth. According to this sonogram, the baby is still small (I’m ok with that, honest!) but growing “within a normal range.”

Although, the sonogram technician did ask me, “Emilie, how tall are you?”


“And is the rest of your family… small in stature?”

I had to laugh… in my family (on my mom’s side, anyhow, which seems to be the dominant genes in my own “stature”) I’m one of the tall ones.

That seemed to satisfy the technician, and the midwife wasn’t worried one bit. Apparently, babies all grow at the same rate until about 6 months along, at which point genetics start taking over… so although the arms and legs are “measuring short,” I’m pretty sure EG will fit right in.

And besides, the midwife also told us that—for all the benefits of this highly accurate viewing and measuring technology—the machine was built around a very specific “standard.” She joked that the only baby who wouldn’t somehow measure above or below “average” would be “a white, middle class person from Denver, Colorado.”

And, in the world  of baby as vegetable, we have traveled from


a HEAD OF CAULIFLOWER at 27 weeks.

Or, about 14.5 inches and 2.3 lbs of baby (accurate poundage as of last sonogram).

Our little cauliflower has new eyelashes this week, can blink its eyes, and is sensible of the light or dark, as filtered through the belleh.

Oh! And in other exciting baby news, we met  CousinJon&Holly’s brand new baby boy!  Only 9 days old, and EG already booted him a few times in the head while he rested against my belleh. But no worries about resentment between cousins… the new baby retaliated with a little wet spot on my lap, so all is back in balance.


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