PWYC: Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, 7/29!

Attention lovers of Shakespeare, Stoppard, the absurd, and one helluva good deal—Pay What You Can for TONIGHT’s performance of “Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead” at Lakewood Playhouse!

$5? $10? $25? No offered ticket price is too small or too big! No one turned away… unless they run out of seats, so be sure to get there in plenty of time.

Lakewood Playhouse, Thursday July 29, 8pm for directions and details

For the unitiated, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are two rather small but pivotal (aren’t they all?) characters in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. This play by Tom Stoppard flips the action, making minor characters (R&G of the title) the main ones, and main characters (Hamlet and Ophelia) minor. From their limited point-of-view, what the audience knows as the tragedy of Hamlet looks an awful lot like a farce… albeit one with existential leanings.

BONUS: TWO Plays for the price of one! “R&G Are Dead” will be preceded by a bonus performance of “The Fifteen-Minute Hamlet” to get you all up to speed.

This particular production of “R&G Are Dead” is another joint venture between Lakewood Playhouse and the newly formed Tacoma theatrical troupe, The Outfit. (The first was a highly successful fundraiser for the Playhouse,” Joe’s Diner,” a full-length Improv “sitcom”)

Check out The Weekly Volcano’s great review here:
Still dead: The Outfit’s Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead is heartbreaking, thought provoking and hilarious” (Joe Izenman, The Weekly Volcano)

The play will run through Sunday, August 15th, with an actor benefit performance on Saturday Aug 7th at 2pm (the only way the actor’s get paid!).

Next up: The Outfit will produce a midnight show, “The Transylvanian Clockworks” in partnership with Tacoma Little Theatre!

The Outift Theatre Comapny


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